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Designer fits → on the reg and shopping sustainably aren't mutually exclusive anymore ⏤ you're welcome ♡

The future = now
it's called Circular fashion, bby.

RE:STYLE is our answer to helping like-minded gals participate in the sharing economy ⏤ a vital need to combat the hella wasteful fashion industry. 

Why rent?

¹ Earth-

It’s a real bummer most clothes only get worn a few times before they end up churning CO² in our beloved earth. You and lots of other gals will get to enjoy designer garments, and our TLC between rents will help ensure that.

² Any item,
one price

How often do you get to shop without a care for the price?! Your subscription means you can have *any* 2 or 4 items you want. On average us millennials already spend about $160/month on (likely wasteful) clothes! Eep.

³ It's like, really easy.

We know ourselves - so faffing about with dry cleaners and returns portals would go straight in the ‘too hard’ basket. So we launder things and put a prepaid post label when we send it to ya.