New fits → on the reg and shopping sustainably aren't mutually exclusive anymore ⏤ you're welcome ♡

The future = now
it's called Circular fashion, bby.

RE:STYLE is our answer to helping like-minded gals participate in the sharing economy ⏤ an opportunity for responsible consumption.  

Why rent?

¹ Earth-

It’s a real bummer most clothes only get worn a few times before ending up in landfill. Renting allows you and many others to enjoy designer garments, and our TLC between rents will help ensure that.

² Try more,
for less

Experiment with your style! Try new trends, bright colours, and adventurous silhouettes. Enjoy the freedom of having fun with your wardrobe without the commitment of a purchase.

³ It's like, really easy.

We know ourselves - so faffing about with dry cleaners and the post office would go straight in the ‘too hard’ basket. So we handle the laundering and include a prepaid post label when your items are sent to you.